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   Lightning Rod Systems have been protecting buildings and people for more than two and a half centuries, but they remain one of the most misunderstood components of modern construction. Paradoxically, with buildings being created in unique ways, on vulnerable locations, and equipped with sensitive electronic devices, the need for, and understanding of effective lightning protection is greater than ever.

   Unfortunately and surprisingly, many states do not regulate the installation of lightning protection systems. Most architects, engineers, and electricians are rarely, if ever, exposed to even the most basic rules of this specialized discipline. When you consider that the current edition of the National Electrical Code has over 800 pages of rules for dealing with wiring systems that carry a few hundred volts or less, you can imagine the need for proper installation of a system that conducts millions of volts in a fraction of a second. Sadly, the peculiarities of lightning protection do not easily fit into the political and bureaucratic systems of regulation. Investing a few minutes exploring this website will provide the knowledge you need to protect your, or your clients' buildings and electronic systems.

   Priestley Lightning Protection, LLC is a one-man company started by Will Priestley in 1988. During the past couple of decades Priestley has protected hundreds of homes (ranging from 200 to 26,000 square feet), churches, riding arenas, police and fire stations, schools, golf courses, farms, communication towers, trees, etc. Priestley has also participated in lightning protection research projects and taught short courses on lightning. Priestley primarily serves the "Upper Valley" and surrounding areas of New Hampshire and Vermont, but occasionally travels much further.

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